Internationalisation Travelogue

The summer is hot – not only in terms of weather or the wonderful German soccer team, but also considering the amount of lectures I will be giving during my stay here in Germany, mostly at the IJK in Hannover. My stay was kicked off two weeks ago, when I met competent German addiction researcher Ralf Thalemann, who is also helping out for a FUGA study helmed by Christoph (Klimmt) and the Hannover team. Christoph himself has been active in promoting FUGA to the German press. Also, after my Quo Vadis presentation and the German press echo, I would like to think the public is slowly aware that game research is actively pushing forward as an academic discipline.

The reception at Berlin’s Games Academy was also really good and I gave a few lectures. Besides having a nice test audience for my seminar workshop on game design and experience research there, it was a good opportunity to take a sneak peak at the student game projects, most of which were impressive. Next stop was the NGRN seminar with fellow PhD students from around Scandinavia, which was almost live-blogged by Mia, so go to her blog to check out the details.

This week I am back in Hannover, where I got the news that I will also be presenting at the International conference on fun and games 2008 in Eindhoven later this year. I am taking this week to dig even deeper into statistics and talk to the experts here at HTMH IJK to get some tips. Next week, I will be hitting the CVSE research group at the University of Magdeburg, where I give a talk on Evaluating Game Usability – How game research will change the face of software applications. Later that week, I will be going to TU Ilmenau and talk about “Game Experience Research – How to gather valuable information from players”, where it will be exciting to meet new faces and students interested in game research.


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