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Game Conference Planning 2008

After receiving a travel budget from my University for the first time, I came to sit down and have a look at potentially interesting conferences for the young game academics among us. Now, with so many different focus areas within games your planning might differ. Nevertheless, I though it would be nice to share some of the initial hot spots next year for game academics. On a more personal note: In a perfect world, I could go to all these events. However, my budget would be completely exhausted by GDC alone and I can hardly dream of getting papers accepted in the variety of conferences that are coming up.

Through the progress of the next year (2008) all data is due to change

Academic Venues

Industry-focused Events (which are interesting for academics as well)

You can see that most of those conferences are European focused, which is natural since I study in Scandinavia. Drop me a note if you are going to one of these conferences and blog about it, maybe we meet or I could read your reports.


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