Advent Calendar 2009

15 – Epic Win: Why Games Are The Future of Learning

She says: “Let’s make the future!” Jane McGonigal is a prolific alternate-reality-games designer and leads game research and development at the institute for the future. Occasionally, she also gives really cool presentations with stimulating ideas in them. Nobel prizes for game developers? Sure thing. And again, we are talking about using the power of games for everyday life. In her slides, she outlines the collaborative potential of games, appealing to the central inner craving for happiness we humans feel. She summarizes her key points for this human craving repeatedly:

  • Satisfying work
  • Experience of being good at something
  • Time with friends/people we like
  • Being part of something bigger

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Digital Game Research, User Experience and the Brain

User Experience

Recently, my research was featured in an article by Harry Brignull for the UX community, entitled “UX for videogame design: Gameplay Research”, where he describes succinctly what some of my colleagues and me are doing in game science, where our main focus is to understand players from an empirical research perspective.

Digital Game Research and User Experience

If you are in London around first week of September, you can participate in a highly interesting panel about Playability and Player Experience Research I am chairing on September 1st, 2.00 – 3.30pm at DiGRA, where we will discuss UX methods for analyzing games and players. If you want to get a glimpse of what will be talked about, jump to Joerg’s game usability blog, read a brand new hot paper from Anders, Alessandro and Georgios entitled “Player Modeling using Self-Organization in Tomb Raider: Underworld” (pdf), read Hannu’s paper on Playability heuristics for mobile multi-player games or check the recent publications from the TU/e Game XP Lab. Continue reading