Psychophysiology of James Bond in Wired

I was very happy to see a Wired article about our fellow FUGA partners from CKIR and their (by now already 3 years old) research on the digital game James Bond, which was played by 36 Finnish students for their research experiment. The article itself was called “The psychophysiology of James Bond: Phasic emotional responses to violent video game events” and appeared in the first issue of Volume 8 of the journal “Emotion”. Continue reading

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Short video on our Dreamhack 2007 experiments

Note to self: Should really update this blog more often. Nevertheless, the reason for my prolonged absence is usually rooted in workload excess. So, in this case, I would like to show you a video of our Dreamhack experiment, which can be seen as sort of a predecessor on what I will be experimenting with in two weeks, but then we add EEG, GSR and heart rate data to the mix. Continue reading