Digital Game Research, User Experience and the Brain

User Experience

Recently, my research was featured in an article by Harry Brignull for the UX community, entitled “UX for videogame design: Gameplay Research”, where he describes succinctly what some of my colleagues and me are doing in game science, where our main focus is to understand players from an empirical research perspective.

Digital Game Research and User Experience

If you are in London around first week of September, you can participate in a highly interesting panel about Playability and Player Experience Research I am chairing on September 1st, 2.00 – 3.30pm at DiGRA, where we will discuss UX methods for analyzing games and players. If you want to get a glimpse of what will be talked about, jump to Joerg’s game usability blog, read a brand new hot paper from Anders, Alessandro and Georgios entitled “Player Modeling using Self-Organization in Tomb Raider: Underworld” (pdf), read Hannu’s paper on Playability heuristics for mobile multi-player games or check the recent publications from the TU/e Game XP Lab. Continue reading


Psychophysiological Game Testing Lecture at Quo Vadis Developer Conference in Berlin

After having the great chance to speak in Helsinki at our recent FUGA project meeting about Game Design and Player Emotions, where I talked about using psychophysiological measurements to validate game design elements for specific player emotions, I had the pleasure of being invited to Germany’s Quo Vadis Entwicklerkonferenz (game developers conference).

While last year, I could only interest a small number of people for the topic of our European Community FP6 NEST project: The Fun of Gaming: Measuring the Human Experience of Media Enjoyment. This year was different. I was surprised and very happy to see my talk jam-packed full with more than 80 interested people from the German games industry, research, and education.

Thanks to former Gamestar scribe Peter from the games section at Golem and a remark I made about Lara Croft’s butt, the talk has created a decent media echo in Germany.

However, unfortunately the press text people all somehow totally forgot to mention that my work is done within an EU project, which I clearly stated during my talk and especially at the end. Now, I would really like to emphasize this fact, since none of our groundbreaking work could be possible without the support of all our European partners! Also, the sites got the link to our research group wrong and directly link to, from which the Game and Media Arts Laboratory is quite hard to find.

Well, except for the minor glitches in detail and accuracy (for example we use EMG for measuring emotions, not GSR) in the text, I am pretty thankful for all the great feedback on talking at Quo Vadis and I am really excited about the fact that the game industry is looking towards academic research with interest and respect in Germany.

Guess that means we are on the right track. Stay tuned as I will be putting up the slides of my talk very soon. And to those of you that came to Quo Vadis. Thanks for your interest and contact! For all others out there that are interested in biofeedback gaming, and using eye tracker and psychophysiological methods to test gameplay features, feel free to drop me a line.