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I recently organized a CHI workshop on Brain and Body Interfaces together with Kiel and Steve from We have been talking about common interests for a while now and it was great to organize this workshop together as it is the second one on this topic at CHI that I was involved in. Since we were discussing about other possible venues to disseminate research or at least keep the discussion going in our research area, we have been trying out things like a BBI wiki, an attempt at a blog about affective gaming and also using the Physiological Computing website to enhance the workshop and allow more people to see our research discussions. Kiel did an excellent job at preparing all the videos from the workshop online. For an example, see the following video of my workshop talk. Continue reading


The Gamification of Steam

Gamification of Steam

Whether you like the new buzz term or not. Gamification – that is the use of engaging playing principles applied to desktop and consumer applications, products, and services – is a big thing in research and (non-game) industry. Even SIGCHI was kind enough to let us organize a CHI 2011 workshop on gamification. It is interesting that most of the buzz surrounding gamification comes mostly from people outside the games industry (probably the game industry just does not like the term and the badges concept). However, in December 2010, Valve took up gamification concepts to promote Steam sales, which I found particularly interesting. The sales gamification was called “The Great Steam Treasure Hunt” and it features all gaming concepts necessary to foster engagement in the Steam community: rules, goals, challenges. Continue reading