Advent Calendar 2009

12 – The Future of Social Networking with Augmented Reality

Welcome to the transparent life of the future. Although this might be a bit off topic, I wanted to include it here in the advent special as well. Matthew Buckland from South Africa, head of, delivered a striking and brilliant presentation about the Future Of Social Networking. He outlines how information about people, objects and locations could become instantly accessible with the next generation of mobile devices. The mockups are excellent and the vision is not too aloof to become true one day. Have a look at this visionary presentation below:

What came to my mind instantly was the MIT Media Lab project Sixth Sense from Pranav Mistry, which was made famous in the TED talk from Pattie Maes (see bonus video below). In a similar way, sixthsense would be the ideal interface to interact with the information made available as envisioned in Matthew Buckland’s slides. And again, the demo shows that this is not too far away. It will be exciting to look back on this post in 5 years and see how much of these visions have become reality and how they will have transformed our life and interactions by then.


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