Advent Calendar 2009

10 – An Introduction to User-Centered Design Techniques (for Games)

Suze Ingram, a User Experience consultant from Australia, has succinct and interesting presentation slides about User-Centered Design (UCD) Techniques. UCD focuses on the needs (dare I say also the motivations and emotions) of people who use applications and products. This usually informs the vision and direction of the design and development of a product. The techniques she talks about are in detail:

  • Contextual enquiries
  • Diary studies
  • User Workshops
  • Card Sorting
  • Personas & Scenarios
  • Wireframing
  • Paper Prototyping
  • User Testing

All of these techniques can also be very helpful and quite possibly necessary to design an outstanding game. On a completely different note, I have also talked about an approach to game design focused on players and their needs, emotions, and capabilities, which is explained in my bonus presentation below. Hope you enjoy these two user-centered design presentations together.


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