Situated Play proceedings now online

The DiGRA proceedings from this year’s conference Situated Play are now online at the official DiGRA site. My favorite picks of the papers there are currently:

This is due to change once I finish reading all the papers. 🙂

  • Gaming DNA: On Narrative and Gameplay Gestalts by Douglas Brown. (Because it is a comment on one of Craig’s earlier papers. Gotta find out about the critique.)
  • Please Biofeed the Zombies: Enhancing the Gameplay and Display of a Horror Game Using Biofeedback by Andrew Dekker and Erik Champion. (Because we use Half-Life 2 and biofeedback systems for our research within an EU project here as well.)
  • Revising Immersion: A Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Digital Game Involvement by Gordon Calleja. (Because he seems to have the same focus area as me: Engagement and Immersion in digital games)
  • Developing a pattern language for flow experiences in video games by Philippe Lemay. (Because that factors into analysing the gameplay experience as a whole as well, which is what I am looking at.)
  • Experiential Modes of Game Play by Robert Appelman. (Because he is talking about player data gathering, which tickles my fancy!)
  • The Contextual Game Experience: On the Socio-Cultural Contexts for Meaning in Digital Play by Frans Mäyrä. (Because he revises his SCI model of game immersion, which I found appealing.)

2 thoughts on “Situated Play proceedings now online

  1. Hi Erik, I am German, but have spent quite a bit of my life in New Zealand and in Scandinavia. It is quite a coincidence that you have been to BTH as well. BTW nice paper. 🙂

  2. Erik says:

    Hi are you a Kiwi or a Scandinavian? I was one of the Digra writers (the biofeedback paper with Andrew Dekker), a Kiwi, and also a Svenska Institutet language student in Blekinge. It must be a very small world!

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