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When going on the prowl for a new article, the young academic researcher, who is not too familiar with all the big names, research venues and journals typically starts their research looking the desired topic up in books, wikipedia (or other dictionaries) and most recently also in blogs (which happen to be increasingly written by academics in their spare time). Since I started adapting that practice a while ago for fields in which I lack proficiency, I thought why not share this idea. As an academic, you usually often want to give back to the community that nurtures you. Therefore, I would like to present my top ten of blogs that deal with eye tracking (often in a research context). It has to be noted that such a list is always highly subjective and may only be to my own gusto. If your blog is not on that list and you feel it should be, feel free to leave your URL and a comment. Without further ado, here goes my personal top ten:

The Top Ten List

  1. Martin Tall on Gaze Interaction. Martin is a PhD student in HCI at the IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark and blogs about all things related to eye tracking and gaze interaction. Very inspiring and personal.
  2. COGAIN. This is not so much a blog as more of news site from the Communication by gaze interaction researchers. This is where you find relevant conferences and articles on gaze interaction. Good starting place for researchers.
  3. Eyetracking. Set your strategy. Unfortunately, this Chilean blog from Research AyerViernes is in Spanish, however you can let Google translate it for you automatically. Especially interesting to industry.
  4. Eye tracking for behavioral analysis. A French company blog from Pertech (which you can also translate to English) shares funny articles and news from the world of eye tracking.
  5. This ain’t no game! Samuel Almeida, who recently contacted me about my game usability slides, blogs about his thesis project “Eye movement analysis for augmenting video game development”, which is delightful and interesting. Good luck on your project, Samuel.
  6. Eye Tools Blog. This is a blog about “design and content optimization through eye tracking” from the eye tools company, which has not been updated for a while.
  7. The Eye Tracking Blog. Lots of short, incomplete information related to eye tracking. Older articles sometimes provide no references to the news stories. Unfortunately, the blog has a very anonymous feel to it as no authors are referenced, it almost feels like it is written by a search spider that regularly crawls google for eye tracking stuff.
  8. Yellow Line. Matteo Penzo, who worked with eye tracking at the University of Rome before 2007, still has a few pieces of his work on his blog.
  9. User Interface Engineering. Again, not really a blog, but a company site that has a few articles related to eye tracking.
  10. Feng GUI. A blog about a crazy technology to generate eye tracking heatmaps without eye tracking. Amazing, geeky and interesting.

Let’s not forget that you can always come back here and read my articles about eye tracking.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Eye Tracking Blogs

  1. Wow!
    I’m really delighted to see my blog made the list. Thanks Lennart for the honorable mention.
    Now, I’ll have to keep it up to date more often!
    By the way, I can’t believe the blog didn’t send me a ping back for the link. I only found out about this post today 🙁
    Take care!

  2. Hi from Australia!

    I’m a psychologist and I blog about how technology can help people live better lives.

    My work includes usability testing with eye tracking and other user experience consulting.

    I am also the Tobii eye tracker reseller in Australia and New Zealand and enjoy blogging about eye tracking. My latest post looks at how faces can be used in design to direct people’s attention.

    I tweet about eye tracking at @jamesbreeze and @tobiieyetracker. I also manage numerous social networks for Tobii, these are listed on my blog here http://snurl.com/elgqa

    Thanks for the list!

  3. Hey – thanks for the mention. We are just getting started on our eye tracking website. We wanted to promote eye tracking to the usability and design community since we love the stuff. So we started with some summaries of recent research plus links to the sources. We have plans to post original content later this year…


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