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Real-time integration of eye tracking and EEG

It is becoming more popular to integrate eye trackers directly with EEG acquisition hardware (and software). As the company Advanced Neuro Technology reports, they have now created a real-time system integration of their ASA-LAB with Tobii eye trackers.

Now, this sounds really excellent as the two systems now also share event information (for example trigger data), which makes analysis even one step easier. Nevertheless, it would be really interesting to know whether application of an EOG becomes unnecessary as blink information (which shows as an artefact on the EEG recordings and has to be eliminated before analysis) could be received from the eye tracker directly.

Nevertheless on the website it still says that EOG could be acquired and related to other psychophysiological data (like EMG, respiration and GSR). It also seems that any processing and transformation of the data (like FFT or such) cannot be done in real-time and it postprocessed for analysis. I kind of hope that Biosemi, whose ActiveTwo system we are currently using, are catching on to the trend and in combination to the Jazz eye tracker support they already provide, add support for the IMHO superior Tobii systems.


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