Sound and Immersion in the First-Person Shooter at Audio Mostly 2008

Our paper “Sound and Immersion in the First-Person Shooter: Objectively Measuring the Player’s Sonic Experience” got accepted at the Audio Mostly 2008 conference a while ago and thanks to Inger’s blog I discovered that their conference program is now online as well. It is the first paper in the first session! That really is kind of cool! I would like to go to the conference, but my schedule this month is busier than ever with teaching my new course “Game Systems Engineering” (part of our Game Design Master’s program) and preparing my talk for the paper “Log who’s playing: psychophysiological game analysis made easy through event logging“, which will be presented at the International conference on Fun and Games in Eindhoven, followed directly by a meeting of our EU FUGA (“Fun of Gaming”) project, which is now coming close to its end. The latter being the reason for me not attending Audio Mostly 2008, where it would have been great to meet some research friends that will give talks there as well. But, nevertheless, I have not seen my FUGA colleagues in a while and it is great to meet them again and see how our projects are progressing. Looking forward to the next weeks.


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