Gippblock wins the Game Concept Challenge 2008

Concept art for the GippBlock game by Sebastian Claesson of SOFEYesterday was a big day for small student developers in Karlshamn, Sweden. Many of the students (from SOFE) have been working day and night for the last seven weeks to get their game concept presentations done. They presented their game concepts in the form of a games pitch to the international jury (with big publishers like Sony and Microsoft being involved). Many of the games were excellent and featured awesome graphics. However, it was a rather small, casual game, which had its focus on design that took home the main award: Gipplock (see concept art by Sebastian Claesson). It is a game very similar to Eets, where you have to direct a little snaily creature towards the end of each level using a number of blocks that can have different features. Although the playable version presented was still a bit buggy in places, I really enjoyed the game, when I tested it. Now, the Team won a budget to keep developing for the next year and who knows, they will maybe find a publisher for their game by then.


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