Canada FTW!

The Canadian Flag

Since I recently moved to Canada to work in an awesome HCI research lab, I seem to spend more time on life and work, outside the web and blogosphere that is. My recent affection for Twitter due to its short and timely messages has also contributed to me moving away from blogging more. Nevertheless, I currently maintain a few side projects worth checking out.

  • The Brain and Body Interfaces Wiki. This was a project spawned during the most awesome CHI conference in Atlanta and a workshop, which I helped to organize. The wiki is a pure spare time project for interested researchers to collect knowledge on the measurement with and application of physiological sensors. It has an email list that goes along with it but has currently still low traffic.
  • I am also trying out a collaborative blogging project called affective gaming with some fellow researchers I have met during conferences and workshops that seemed to be especially interested in biofeedback gaming and affective computing research with games. You should bookmark the feed of the affective gaming blog since it is likely to receive more updates than my personal blog due to my time constraints. So, while I am currently still thinking about the possible future of this blog, some of the more recent affective gaming stuff is likely to show up on the collaborative blog.

See you here or in the other blogging outlets there. Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter.


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