10 Exciting Platforms For Getting Crowdfunding For Your Project

People working in the creative industry, young and smart entrepreneurs, and modern researchers are always hunting for sponsors for their next big project. Crowdfunding seems to be the solution to getting the public to pay for the execution of a really cool (but often risky) idea. The crowdfunding concept has become more popular in the past year and here are 10 platforms that allow you to pitch your crowdfunded projects. Note that the idea of crowdfunding for science has also become more popular recently.

  1. Kickstarter is at the time of writing one of the largest platforms for crowdsourced funding of creative projects.
  2. Indiegogo is another large crowd-based funding platform for all kinds of projects, but with a slant toward the creative industry.
  3. Rockethub is a community-based approach to crowd-sourced funding that supports artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.
  4. Petridish is a science-focused crowd-funding platform, currently leaning more toward the natural sciences.
  5. Sciflies specialises on crowd-sourced funding of science or research and development projects with a micro-donation approach.
  6. GoFundMe is a more personal funding website for private projects that usually only require raising smaller amounts of money.
  7. RockThePost is another niche crowdfunding site aimed at funding smaller businesses and individuals.
  8. FundAGeek seems unfortunately still very small although I am personally a big fan behind the idea of funding little tech projects that have an open source vibe to them.
  9. Appsfunder looks like another nice crowdfunding idea aimed at a niche market of app (and mobile game) developers looking for seed funding to start their development on the leading mobile platforms (specifically Apple’s AppStore and Google Play).
  10. Localstake presents another cool crowdfunding model aimed at supporting local companies and connecting investors with businesses within a city.

Did I forget a platform? Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts, and additions in the comments section.


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